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Grooming Services

Our gentle and caring groomer, Kristy Reynolds, is experienced in providing outstanding grooming services to our clients. Grooming is important to not only your pet’s appearance, but to their health. For example, dogs with poodle-like hair can quickly become matted if their fur is never trimmed or brushed. And unlike other animals, poodle-type hair never stops growing when it reaches a certain length. This means grooming must be a regular part of their care.

Our Services

Our grooming services are available Monday through Friday for dogs and cats.

Every appointment includes:

  • a bath
  • a brush out
  • cleaning of the ears
  • nail trimming
  • express anal gland services (as needed)

Health Benefits of Grooming

  • Grooming allows professionally trained animal-care experts to get a close look at the skin and fur of your pet. This will allow them to identify issues such as fleas, ticks, or dermatitis. Because we are also a veterinary hospital, if these issues are identified we can help you with the treatment of such cases and get you scheduled to see a veterinary doctor right away.
  • Long nails not only look unseamly, they can cause pain for your dog or cat. For dogs, overgrown nails who are constantly pushing back into the nail bed when they walk can hurt their feet and joints. Cat nails in particular can wreak havoc on your furniture or curtains with untrimmed nails. In both animals, in extreme cases, the nails can even grow back into the footpad and cause severe pain. Regular nail-trimming is therefore a must.
  • When your pet is groomed, it can strengthen their bond with you because they are easier to cuddle and share a living-space with. And nothing makes a companion animal happier than spending more time with their owner!

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