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As pet’s age, the functionality of their immune systems decline. This makes them more susceptible to disease. They become vulnerable to both contagious diseases such as kennel cough, and chronic degenerative diseases such as cancer or diabetes. For early treatment and prevention, seniors should therefore have more frequent office visits than they did earlier in their life cycle.

Caring For Your Senior Pet

When the senior pet is in the office, the veterinary doctor will be able to perform specialized routine tests to keep tabs on their overall health. Some of these routine tests for geriatric pet patients include the following:

Bloodwork is one of the most common laboratory diagnostic tests that we perform. It can provide extensive data about the patient’s body at a chemical level. Conditions such as anemia, infection, kidney failure, and more can be identified with bloodwork.

X-rays allow our trained radiologists to view abnormalities that cannot be seen with the eye alone. X-rays are able to provide information necessary to diagnose the treatment of arthritis, cancer, and more.

Urinalysis is a test conducted on the urine. It can provide data that is essential to the diagnosis of diabetes, urinary tract infections, and liver disease.

Sudden changes in a senior pet’s behavior should be taken seriously. If you are concerned about a recent change in your senior pet’s demeanor, eating patterns, or constitution, please call us to schedule an appointment immediately.

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